07 January 2008

Heat or Cold – Which do you prefer?

Happy New Year. Sorry for the break in transmission, (it wasn’t me, it was Christmas). I left Nigeria for England on the 13th of December 2007. It was witheringly hot in Lagos. Just before take-off, the husky but confident voice of the Captain came on the tannoy:

'it’s minus 2 in London, by the time we touch down however, it will be zero degree.'

True to form, it was bitterly cold when we arrived in London, the wind chill giving it maximum potency. It took a few minutes for the car that came to pick me to warm up enough for me to get some respite from the unforgiving cold. In the interim, I tugged into my self and engaged in a forced dance routine without music because I was cold. It was very quiet on the streets of London and still dark as I made my way home in the early hours of the day.

I was still ruminating on the unfairness of the cold when it occurred to me that I had just left behind heatwave-Lagos. Just as the London cold is unforgiving, the Lagos heat was unyielding. Just as I danced without music to keep warm in the cold, the Lagos heat could make one delirious.

The question is heat or cold, which do you prefer. In my view, cold weather seems easier to control than heat. With cold, you can put on layers of clothing to keep warm. For bed, you could pile up the duvet for a sound sleep provided you don’t venture to the bathroom in the middle of the night. With intense heat however, it‘s much more complicated. The heat could still make sleep unbearable even if you only go to bed in the flimsiest pyjamas except you have the luxury of a air-conditioning system. During the day, the heat could potentially sap out all energy to work or think.

Obviously, both have their pluses and minuses and people cope differently with either. It will be interesting however, to find out which of these you prefer and why?. PostCardfromLagos


Charles Ibi... said...

I personally tend to switch my vote between the cold or hot clime depending on many factors. Generally, I believe we always want more comfort and are quick to forget our complaints when it was either too cold or extremely hot. I will cast my vote now - today - presently - for the lovely and searing heat of Lagos! It is a general belief that people tend to be more lively, colorful and happy when it is hot.

Seyi Olanrewaju said...

Your opinion about these two extreme regions (i.e. Lagos & London) is acceptable. But I think looking at it from another angle, I would prefer the 'unyielding' heat of Lagos. Aside the bad factors affecting some of these regions, science has made us to know that the best zone for full human survival is the Equitorial Zone and interestingly Lagos is around there.
The streets of London are often deserted during the '0 degrees' cold. You come to Lagos, visit a place like Oshodi and see how people are bustling with activities no matter how hot. Lagosians will curse any rain or cold that will inhibit their business activities.
The concept of Environmental probabilism and possibilism is what helps in adapting to a cold region and it also apllies to the hot zone like Lagos.
If cloths could be used in London, I think AC can be used in homes, cars, offices, etc on here in Lagos.
I prefer to stay in England when it is warm to when it is 'freezingly' cold.
I love your blog Pastor Gbenga Badejo. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I would prefer the cold! living in the UK for many years of my life has trained me to adapt...layers of clothing can be worn and at no expense.....where as with the heat,there are expences to consider not to mention the lack of control when you are outside in the blazing heat.

Anonymous said...

I love it cold while am still in my prime, probably would love it hot in the near future :)

Despite the hot climate Nigerians still suite up, thats what amazes me.

Looking forward to visiting again soon.

Anonymous said...

Happy new year to you both. The two weather conditons are extremes. I used to think Nigeria was cold when I wore my sweaters during harmatan in Decembers and I equally agree it can be very hot during Summer here in the UK.

Having a preference is having a choice. What would those prefer that have no choice, heat or cold? Life goes on. Brother, thank God you can choose but let's continue to pray for those who can't.

On a lighter note, Nigeria must be very close to hell. We drink too much 'icewater' just as the rich man. Britain must be close to hell as well. We gnash our teeth during cold. I also think Africa will catch fire more quickly when Jesus comes back because of the extreme heat and dryness so don't lose your BP.

As for preference, I prefer to be hot. That's what Jesus wants. I don't want Him to spew me out.

Anonymous said...

I was in Lagos at the end of Nov to early Dec last year. I can say that I definitely prefer the cold, at least you can wear warm clothes, drink lots of tea.

I felt really sick on 1 of the days I was there. I decided to stay indoors where the A/C was on all day! I couldn't wait 2 come 2 London.

It's taught me something, I like being a Londoner whatever the weather. Having said that I will prefer a mixture of heat & cold, like not too extreme, just luke warm.

Anonymous said...

oooo! heat or cold which do i prefer? i'm not sure i have a preference. im writing now from underneath my at least 2.5kg heavy duvet in an awkard position and this is not because i am tired but because it blitz (cold as refered to in high school), i'm not sure if it were hot i would be subject to such discomfort and boredom.

in the heat its equally distressing for me. i have nose bleeds when,my nose feels dry yet i'm suffering from cold, headaches every other day, hayfever which triggers my asthma, heat rash from sweating, my skin per boils not fully cook (lol), need i go on.
BUT, But... i'm more creative,in the heat than in the cold.
my brain functions in more capacity than it would in the glooming, dark, boring cold winter.

it just so happens thati associate cold with mostly work and less play due to workload because that is what happens in the london winter. ah ah! the system is created this way u see i.e in the winter a student has to study full time then get the summer off, when its hot which then makes it cheerful.em! thats the problem i have with the cold (winter) it goes on to long that i tend to appreciate it after the heatwave to detest it after a while, whereas the summer fades before i begin to detest.

okay, i think i might prefer the heat, because as expressed previously i am agile in the heat than cold. got there in the end

Anonymous said...

Well, in my opinion, i simply dont mind whether it's hot or cold. Both types of whether have their pros and cons, however i do mind when that type of whether is in the wrong season. For example, many people would say London is "always" cold. This is simply because of the fact that during most of the summer and autumn, the whether is still cooler than an average summer temperature in any other country. Occassionally the whether in London can be very hot and thats when it becomes unbearable because there's no air condition. Global Warming and Global Dimming definately has an effect on London,England. The summer brings me happiness because thats when fashion matters, everyone wants to look nice when its hot!
On the contrary, I prefer the whether cold! I only like it when i know it cold but i can find a way of getting warm. And i love snow!

Anonymous said...

It is impossible to enjoy the free breeze under the grilling heat escaping from the earth surface due to the over powered Sun beam. The sand and dust on the street complicates the atmospheric frustration (Lagos). The body perspire at an annoying rate as the Sun increases its intensity. Hence, freshness would have to be artificially kept throughout the day. In fact skin rash is developed as a direct impact which can not be desirable.

Although the cold is an unsuitable health condition and in fact often lead to pneumonia (pneumonia is a respiratory disease characterized by inflammation of the lung parenchyma) especially if negligence is on warmth. The truth is; if all conditions of keeping warm are met, it would be impossible to keep account of cold climate benefits; starting from freshness.

However, I really do not like to be indecisive but I must confess to the contrary of “Cold”; activities are limited in the cold climate and as a result the hot climate takes the first position on my preference list. I suppose human beings need a bit of both conditions, i.e. a balance, and because of our ability to adapt in whatever climatic condition, it would be impossible to conclude from experience on what preference.

Realistically, ‘so many waters have passed under the bridge and it is impossible to count how many fishes that have used this channel’. My point is; I love one climatic condition and dislike the other in an interchanging way as a bias of their extremes.

Thirty + said...

Just reading some comments here got be cracking up mehn....Anonymous 13th Jan 2008 is some hilarious person.

"I prefer hot cos that is what Jesus wants" so funny.

Anonymous said...

Having spent over thirty years of my life in Lagos and the last few years in Europe, l know the difference!
I hate this cold, like a plague :D
I used to sneer at my Mum because she loves Lipton tea so much, even in the heat but now, l drink tea life a fish drinks water: its the cold.
Maybe am different but most times, l nearly barbecue my feet just to tkeep it warm, it gets so cold it feels like red hot pepper, under my foot.
With layers upon layers of thick, warm clothing, l feel too heavy and tired from the heavy "load".
I am sure if we had that kind of cold in Nigeria, our leaders would not take things for granted because to do so, would mean death in the thousands, littered everywhere, each day!
Even brushing my teeth is a problem, the water coming out of the tap (except l boil it first!) chills my teeth to the point that l feel its just going to fall-off.
I keep microwaving the same plate of food every two minutes in-between eating it and eventually the food looses taste.
I love playing football and use to think nothing can separate me from my Sunday-Sunday, evening roll-out but over here, l have to use a combination of star-gazing, weather report and downright IFA-divination o ensure l can get at most eight Sundays in a year, to do my thing.

In my university days at Unilag, every Saturday was dedicated to taking a good swim at the Senior Staff Club Pool and nothing compares to "coming out of the water and 'lazying it' on the hard burning concrete surface beside the water"; You could develop an org*sm just lying there but when l tried a "heated-pool" over here, the cold was just waiting for me to get out of the water before teaching me a lesson in under-estimation!

Its even worse for the kids, l pity them each time l compare to my own days as a kid when we could practically go nude in the rain and roll around in the orange-coloured flood-waters flowing on the streets... it was that sweet and really, what is the essence of living, if you cannot enjoy it, to the fullest?
My kids will wish they can plant some Nigerian vegetables in the open back Garden and run after chickens (they were actually always surprised and open-mouthed whenever l regale them with tales of how many chickens l rear and own, as a kid, how l chased the chickens across neighbors compounds! for them, Chickens cant ever walk, they are "created" curled-up and without feathers as we see them in Tesco's deep freezer!), like l said, the cold killed the Oogu-vegetable seed we tried to cultivate! Stupid cold, l hate it so much.
I will rather endure my Lagos and its heat, go about bare-chested and reeking of sweat.
Funny, as a Banker, corporate-dressing requires that l get decked-up in three-piece suit on a daily basis, even at the risk of becoming a "walking-Suya" but its still better than this heartless cold.
My only consolation is when l see the "sons-of-the-soil", the white-borns, swearing furiosly at the cold!
Wetin be my own?

Anonymous said...

Wow this has been very interesting, and definitely something I've thought about a lot. I live in Virginia (all the way on the east coast of the states, and right in the center of the North and the south) One of the great things about the part of VA I live in is that We experience all four seasons equally, and homes in America are controlled temp, so no matter what the whether is outside, for the most part its gonna be 72 degrees (farenheit) inside all year long! Now, i've traveled all over the world, and have slso lived in China, and South Africa, so I understand about the extreme temps. So I wonder a bit. As my fiance is Nigerian, and we've pretty much decided that when we marry we will live in Nigeria (as thats where his main house is) I sometimes wonder about the heat issue.

The only country I've been to in West Africa is Ghana. The first time for a month, and the second for 2 weeks. Each time Ive always tried to go in September, as the weather is not as bad then, but I still find it EXTREMELY hot!! My father had been there during many different times of the year, and suggested September for me lol.

Normally wherever I go, Im able to adjust to the climate. But I was just wondering, Is controlled temperature common in Nigeria. Particularly in Abuja. This is where his family lives. I've noticed that whenever I've traveled with him in the past. His room will be extremely cold from the AC, so I'm guessing he likes the cold from it. Its actually a bit too cold for me, but I do appreciate a bit of AC from time to time. Funny, we've never actually talked about this haha!! Either way, I'm sure I will learn to love it!!

Postcard from Lagos said...

Tiffany, I guess you are referring to air-conditioning when you say 'controlled temperature'. If I'm correct, yes it is common - (only amongst the well to do) - as I'm sure you know we are very close to the equator and it is summer all year round.

Anonymous said...

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