27 May 2008

New features and Rejoinder on 'the Accident Incident'

Thank you for your continued interest in Postcard from Lagos. I will like to thank those who have left comments on the website and the many that send their comments directly to our email address. Please do note that your thoughts count.

Postcard from Lagos has generated nearly 10,000 hits since inception. One of our posts ‘Moving to Nigeria, what to know and do Part 1’ was published on Nigeria Village Square in April becoming the second most popular article on the site having been read by nearly 2000 people before the end of that month.

As part of the strategy to move forward, we have added new features some of which are shown below:

1. Email Subscription
You can now subscribe to Postcard from Lagos by email. What this means is that you will automatically receive an email version whenever a new post is published. You will also never miss any edition of Postcard from Lagos unless you unsubscribe. It will also imply we don’t have to compile and send out emails every time a post is published some of which may be lost as spam. I encourage you to subscribe.

2. Ditch the .blogspot appendage
You can now access Postcard from Lagos without the .blogspot appendage. From now on, log on to www.postcardfromlagos.com

3. Labels
To see the title of previous posts, check under ‘labels’ which is to the right of the blog.

4. Vote
We have also introduced a poll system to the site. You can vote on any of our two current polls:

Which is the most important factor in deciding to move to Nigeria?
Would you consider a move to Nigeria?

One poll is at the right-hand side of the blog and the other is at the bottom. Please vote even if you already live in Nigeria.

5. Your thoughts count
Your thoughts do matter to us, please keep them coming as they have helped to shape the direction of the blog. Even if it’s one line, it usually is terribly appreciated. You can also comment on past posts. All you need to do is click on the comments text at the end of each post.

6. Rejoinder to the Accident Incident
The ‘Accident Incident’ posts generated a good number of comments, on the site, by email and face to face. It has proven to be the most emotional publication yet. I am hoping to bring something positive out of this and will appreciate your ideas. Some people have volunteered their services for some form of citizens’ project to tackle motor accident problems. We need more ideas on how to make this work.

At the moment, the initial thoughts I have is to develop a ‘good driving website’ in conjunction with EtiquetteBank.com. This site will become a platform for all other campaign ideas. If you want to be part of this, please live a comment below this post or directly to thedrivingproject@postcardfromlagos.com with the type of expertise you can bring.

If you have not read 'The Accident Incident', please scroll down the site and you will find it there. You may email the post to your friends for their ideas and suggestions too.

7. Sharing the blog
We need foot soldiers to help publicise the blog to friends and families. You can do this by clicking on the envelope icon at the end of each post. This will take you to a new page where you can enter your friend’s email. You can send to 10 friends at a time by separating their emails with a comma and space.
Part 3 of 'Moving to Nigeria - What to know and do' will be published soon. PostcardfromLagos