07 January 2008

Heat or Cold – Which do you prefer?

Happy New Year. Sorry for the break in transmission, (it wasn’t me, it was Christmas). I left Nigeria for England on the 13th of December 2007. It was witheringly hot in Lagos. Just before take-off, the husky but confident voice of the Captain came on the tannoy:

'it’s minus 2 in London, by the time we touch down however, it will be zero degree.'

True to form, it was bitterly cold when we arrived in London, the wind chill giving it maximum potency. It took a few minutes for the car that came to pick me to warm up enough for me to get some respite from the unforgiving cold. In the interim, I tugged into my self and engaged in a forced dance routine without music because I was cold. It was very quiet on the streets of London and still dark as I made my way home in the early hours of the day.

I was still ruminating on the unfairness of the cold when it occurred to me that I had just left behind heatwave-Lagos. Just as the London cold is unforgiving, the Lagos heat was unyielding. Just as I danced without music to keep warm in the cold, the Lagos heat could make one delirious.

The question is heat or cold, which do you prefer. In my view, cold weather seems easier to control than heat. With cold, you can put on layers of clothing to keep warm. For bed, you could pile up the duvet for a sound sleep provided you don’t venture to the bathroom in the middle of the night. With intense heat however, it‘s much more complicated. The heat could still make sleep unbearable even if you only go to bed in the flimsiest pyjamas except you have the luxury of a air-conditioning system. During the day, the heat could potentially sap out all energy to work or think.

Obviously, both have their pluses and minuses and people cope differently with either. It will be interesting however, to find out which of these you prefer and why?. PostCardfromLagos