21 September 2017


The best things in life are not things! They are people. And people are important! Nurture them, relate well with them. Don't discard people. You don't leave a group or company, you leave people; you may leave an organisation or company, don't leave the people. Make the effort to build relationships. Don't go around life being angry at the world. Think about the impact of what you say, what you do, and sometimes what you don't do on people. People are important!

The best things in life are not things! They are moments. Moments spent with family, moments with your wife, moments with your husband, moments with children. Moments with sisters and brothers. Moments with your mum, moments with dad. Moments you go on holiday to Yankari Game Reserve, to Erin Ijesha waterfalls, to Jos Wildlife Park, to Snowdonia mountain. Moments you eat and laugh together with loved ones. It is these moments that become time. And time becomes history. Create those moments. Enjoy them. Don't be distracted. Don't squander them. Take them in. Cherish them. Long for them. Make them happen!

The best things in life are not things! The best thing in life is love. Love is a language. Everyone understands it. Love is constant. It covers a multitude of sin. Love prefers. Love believes. All things. Love is patient. Love does not hate another ethnic group. Love does not hate people of other religion. Love does not mistreat women. Love affirms men. Love protects children. Love is not conditional. Love is kind. Love endures. Love is passionate. Love is beautiful. Love is action. Love is difficult, but love can be learned. Love lasts. Love is a choice. Love is the greatest. God is love.

The best things in life are not things! The best thing in life is discovering yourself! Find out what makes you tick. Ask yourself the question 'Why am I here?' What do I do well? What do I not do well? What makes me laugh? Why do I do the things I do? The bad and the good. Why do I not do things I ought to do? How do people see me? How do I see myself? What does my spouse think of me? And my children too? A honest, but truthful answer to these questions will start you on the journey of knowing who you are. This knowledge will help you chart a better course for your life.

The best things in life are not things! It is how you use your time. You already have spent a third of your life sleeping, which by the way is good and necessary. But think about the other things you do - surfing the net, social media, watching third-rate movies on African Magic, squandering it on activities that are not important. Time is ticking. Don't waste it. Think about what is important and concentrate on them. Family, recreation, planning, building relationships. These are important. Lavish your time on them. Time is money, don't spend it on irrelevances. Time is life, so don't waste it. Time is limited, redeem it by spending your time on what is important.

The best things in life are not things! It is how you handle situations. Master your own emotions. Everything is an opportunity. There is always a third choice other than Yes or No. Look for what works for everyone even when it appears elusive. Sometimes, 'No' is a good answer. Don't be too afraid to use it. Don't be naive to withhold it. Say 'No' when it matters. Say 'No' when it is necessary. Say 'No' to what will compromise you and your family. Don't join the multitude to do evil. Make your points known without aggression. Be ready to apologise when in the wrong. Only strong people can do so. Manage your own emotions.

The best things in life are not things! It is refusing to outsource your brain. Read widely. Question things. Don't assume things. Check for the truth. Be wise. If you know the reason for doing something, you will probably do it better. Don't follow people blindly. You have a responsibility for your actions. So think before you do things. Begin with the end in mind. Everything has a repercussion. Consider the impact of what you do on yourself and on others. Think about the impact of what you leave undone on yourself and others. Don't be simple. Be wise.

The best things in life are not things! The best thing in life is the quest for discovery. What can you discover today?  A new book perhaps? Discover a long lost relationship. Discover an instrument. Discover story telling. Discover a new language. Discover your discarded passion. Discover the need for holidays. Discover the people around you. Discover your 'dis-used,' overlooked spouse. Discover how to love again. Discover your children. Discover the trees and flowers. Discover the landscape. Life isn't just about how far you travel, but what you discover. Discover something new, something good, something beneficial, something productive. Discover a cause you can fight for.  Discover the future.

The best thing in life is not a thing
The best thing in life is Jesus
Holy and anointed
Risen and exalted
Friend of sinners
Champion of the weak
Emancipator of those in bondage
Maker, defender, redeemer, and friend.

The best things in life are not things! It is Jos, and the people I met there last week.
It is Mailafiya urging us all to keep hope alive
It is Fortune Alaribe who says the best is yet to come
It is Dila changing everyone in the North-East
It is Andesikuteb, the very busy banker who is patient and gentle
It is Odiba, the man from Darazo
It is Ekoja advising us not to settle for less
It is Ande the Governor, Obasanjo's friend and lover of politics
It is Ibiyemi and her sonorous, friendly voice.
It is Odagba, the elephant man who works for the elephant bank
It is the gazelle, Kachollom Chollom, the owner of everything she surveys.
It is Saint Nicholas, the farmer and his spirit of togetherness.
It is Prophet Samuel, the lover of Jesus, Jerusalem and Jos
It is John, my learned friend whose voyage through the Savannah has been eventful.
It is Peter Ossco, the kind-hearted, who got me crisp notes.
It is David, the man with the mandate to make a difference.
It is Mary Magdalene, Mr Farmer. Or is it Mrs Farmer?
It is soft-spoken and wise Mariam
It is the beautiful poet, Comfort who is literally at the marketplace
It is easy-going Bright, brewed and cooked in the fields of Uwokwu
It is courteous Garuba, the husband of the golden woman
It is Abolade Aminu and the party arriving at Yola airport in a few weeks time
It is Hassan Umar who will stay the course
It is Emmanuel Ogra whose truth soothes and dignifies
It is Valentine, the town crier - Eke uka! Eke uka!
It is Mohammed serving a bit of love.
It is Agboola who challenges us to think about orphans
It is Tiza who showed concern for Markurdi
It is Arkibus who wants us to learn humility
The best things in life are not things. PostcardfromLagos