05 September 2009

Rapid, Striking and Extroverted Nigerian Rain

It rained heavily this morning. Fast and furious, water gushed down from the sky continuously for about two hours. Although it was already 7 am, I pulled the curtains and had an extended stay in bed. After all, it's Saturday.

The rain was a welcome idea after the traditional August break which meant that we had little or no rain in nearly six weeks.

I love when it rains in Nigeria, especially at night and in the early mornings. Apart from it’s calming and sleep-lulling effects, rain is a sign that God still remembers us. Rain also means that seeds will grow and people will eat and life will continue.

Quite unlike the British rain which is scanty, intermittent and cold, rain in Nigeria is rapid, gregarious and cool with a soothing feeling to boot. Makes me wonder if the 'extroverted' rain that falls in Nigeria ever visits Europe, the aftermath flood will almost certainly cast Noah’s flood into the shade.

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