01 February 2011

Brave the Odds - Register to Vote

Though the laptops may not always work;
Though the batteries may be flat by 3pm;
Though the queue may be long;
Though the mango tree location may not be the most conducive;
Though you may have to make repeat visits to get registered;
Though INEC may get a few things wrong;
Don't get it wrong by not registering.

Brave the odds, register to vote in the upcoming general elections.
We all build our nation by getting involved.


Seyiodus said...

Voting is your right and accorded privilege, not to vote is to lose your right, your voice and your freedom. Do not allow circumstances, situations and “I don’t care attitude” to rub you of your fundamental existence as a (Nigerian) and as a human being.
So what are going to do? your guess is as good as mine. Nike it. “Just Do It”

Unknown said...

Finally I got registered to vote at the dying minutes on Saturday.
Praise the LORD! I can tell you that I have a great son in law...I am truly blessed...He queued up & took the stress off me. Nigeria go survive!