04 September 2017

The Senator of the Dance

I should not have been interested in the dance. After all, the slant was that it was un-dignifying of a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to dance this way.

What did you expect? He had just won an election that he was not meant to win. His brother had held that seat until his death in April. His party did not select him because it preferred someone else, so he did what most Nigerian politicians would do. He defected to another party. Then he won! Then he celebrated and danced, an Oscar-winning dance for that matter. What do people do when they are victorious? They celebrate. The reaction was swift. Why on earth should a senator bring himself this low? One commentator said, "This was a sad day for Nigeria."

However, what I saw was different! I saw a very good dancer, an exceptionally good one for that matter. I suppose I am not meant to comment on the size of his waist and belly, but these two elements, and the fact that they posed no threat to his dancing dexterity made his dance the more beautiful to watch.

Apart from the impressive dance, I also like the music, and the twist and turn of the lead singer who knew how to pump up the tune to elicit the unending dance crescendos. I must confess that I am a lover of music, and I can easily separate the talent from the singer's lifestyle. For example, I like Anita Baker; I also like Prince and Madonna. I like Ebenezer Obey, IK Dairo; I also like Ligali Mukaiba, Haruna Ishola, John Legend, Aretha Franklin, Orlando Owoh, ABBA and many more. I like country, I like R & B, I like Yoruba, and I like English. I like talent.

Back to the dance, I do not think other senators in Nigeria are any better than the dancing senator.  What is un-dignifying is Dino Melaye's nonsense inside the chambers (which by the way, he pronounces as 'shambers'), not Adeleke's dancing prowess outside the national assembly. What is sad is Ben Murray-Bruce’s posturing. What is criminal is that Nigerians are the hapless victims of a national assembly filled with looters, child molesters, wasters, and many others that should be behind bars.

I have no clue what the dancing senator would do, and whether he is the right person for the job. I saw one of his campaign videos where he promised what was clearly beyond his station. However, his dance was one of the best things that came out of the depressingly wasteful Nigerian National Assembly recently. 

Here it is if you haven't  seen the dance. You be the judge! PostcardfromLagos

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